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G is going to take some lovely pics of the bathroom remodel, so those aren’t included here, but here are a few other things that have recently popped up around our house.

Much-needed new dog beds.  Lucy isn’t giving hers up.  Clearly, the other two don’t get it.

(Did you catch the edge of our sweet, ‘new’ country table in that last pic? It’s the perfect table for our empty spot.)

A new hodge podge dresser that was short enough to let me keep my wonderful bookshelf that G made from reclaimed barn wood.

A new red nightstand with my books queued up.  I’m reading The Tehran Initiative right now. Watergate is my newest, rounding out the stack.

It’s not the best week ever for the J’s or the K’s, so we’re thinking lots of happy thoughts and sending them to Florida and California today!


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Over the Bump

Well, it hardly seems worth all the fuss — that is, the itty, bitty, little white tooth that has pushed through Nellie’s bottom gum.  But it seems the worst (of that tooth) is over, and Nellie is back to her very happy self.  Sleeping, playing, and laughing are all back in order.

We kept her busy this weekend — Lowes for bathroom supplies (I’ll post pics of that soon, I promise); Costco for food, dog beds, and two new books — one for me, and one for Nellie; a very random furniture store for a very random dresser that finally finishes off our bedroom (pics of that coming as soon as we build a piece of furniture for under the TV); the grocery story for vegetables; Walmart for storage containers — baby clothes NB and 0-3, as well as her NB cloth diaper stash is finally headed to the attic; and of course a couple trips to Starbucks.  And she loved every minute of it.  We’re blessed to have such a happy, social baby.  She can be cranky in the car, but as soon as you take her into a store, she showers all the other customers with grins and giggles.

Now she’s playing in her exersaucer, spinning herself around to try all the toys (and primarily to see which of the toys fit in her mouth).  Like I said, all is back to normal again.

Here is a long-overdue Nellie photo dump, including her jumperoo the other night, enjoying her new Costco book in the car yesterday, playing with her book again this morning, and now trying to eat all the pieces of her exersaucer.

Globe in mouth:

That’s not part of this toy:

Keys in mouth:

Bird in mouth:


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Popping Up

Our household is in teething hell right now. Apparently some babies don’t even notice new teeth.  Really?  We’re not eating, sleeping, or smiling in these parts, and those faint white dots tell me that we have a ways to go before this is over.  Nellie is a snotty, sniffly, coughy mess as a result of all of this, and I’m pretty sure her body temperature has permanently shifted to 99.1.  Her biggest smile comes out for a dose of grape Tylenol, and between the hours of 10pm and 4am she goes by the name Angry Baby.  Right now she’s in her exersaucer delighting herself with a new toy and pretending to be her old self.  But we’ve got our eyes on the clock.  We know what’s coming.

We’re trying all the remedies — cold washcloths, cold teethers, and apparently anything else that has a chill to it.  Fact is that she, like Sally, only enjoys putting things in her mouth that don’t belong.  Paper, her baby iPod, and the soapy washcloths from her bathtub are all ‘go’.  Everything designed to ease the pain in her gums is not even worth holding on to, and the pups have had their fair share of dropped goods over the past few days.

Speaking of pups, it’s possible I let Linus leave via the garage the other day while I was on a conference call.  He was gone for more than 20 minutes (though he hung out next door, so not exactly the same wild times he used to have in his youth).  He came back as soon as G turned on the El to go get him, and that dog had a grin for the rest of the night.  Then I dropped a bag of baby carrots I was going to steam for Nellie, and Lucy and Sally cleaned up the mess.  So despite the disastrous state of being hovering over our household, the dogs are having quite a good week.

I was able to keep some carrots in the bag, so Nellie still had ‘dinner’ with us at the table.  She was interested in the carrots and even took a couple nibbles, but she mostly enjoyed shoving them around or flinging them overboard, which is pretty much par for the course this week.

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Weekending with K

G is at a gala tonight.  Half working, half celebrating.  His team is getting awarded with the ‘best team’ award, which is long overdue. It’s the first year I haven’t been to the gala, and I feel bad not seeing him get his award, but it wasn’t in the cards this year.  G is also working tomorrow, so K came down to keep Nellie and me company.  We had a long day today — the outlets in Queenstown, lunch with Michael and Wayne and Grandma in Kent on the Eastern Shore, the mall in Annapolis, and then Yellowfin to close the night with sushi deliciousness.  K and I are back now and thoroughly exhausted as we wait for Nellie to get sleepy.  She’s in her jumperoo laughing her little butt off as K reads every book we have downstairs in the toy box.  Here are a few pics from our weekend so far.

K reading to Nellie

K and Nellie this morning (in the fancy jean dress K bought last time she was here!)

Lunch at the Fisherman’s Inn — our photog wasn’t exactly a steady shot as it turns out

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Sitting up Straight

Things I am loving on this very rainy Thursday:

My new job. Love it.  Today I read some things, wrote some things, and edited some things. Worked on health policy, ed policy, and financial markets.   And they kicked the word ‘editor’ into my title.  Writer and Editor.  Love.

Nellie’s present to us from daycare. Precious. I can’t decide between still-sparse desk at work or home.

Commuting in our new car.  Mini Monster 2.0 is awesome.

G giving Nellie her bath tonight and Nellie’s new predilection for sitting straight up and being ‘miss independent’. Look at Nellie being a bathtime rock star.

And I’m not loving it yet, but I anticipate hot chocolate and a biscotti is going to make my night perfect.  It’s almost weekend.  Big boo to G working all weekend, big yay to K coming, and a second big yay to lunch on Saturday with M, W, and Gma.  Is it my first weekend off from work yet?

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Nellie didn’t do so well with her six month shots on Monday.  A fever of 99.9 shortly after turned into 100.5 in the afternoon and spiked to ~103 in the early evening.  She vomited around the same time that her fever spiked, so we gave her a lukewarm bath to cool her down, and I nursed her to get liquids back in her.  Shortly thereafter she fell asleep, and she slept most of the night in a sweaty little state of exhaustion.  When we woke up this morning, Nellie was a crying, fussy mess, and her fever was still hovering just below 100.  Even if we got Tylenol to bring it down before we left for work, she’d never last through the day.  Besides, she was clingy and hysterical at the thought of being put down.

To be clear, neither of us could miss work today.  But I really couldn’t miss work since it was my first day at the new job.  Not a lot of sick time accrued just yet.  And so G did what he really couldn’t afford to do either — he stayed home from work and spent the day with Nellie.  Lots of napping, lots of playtime, a little bit of bottle and some rice cereal later, and she’s happy and healthy today.

It’s not exactly the world’s most romantic Valentine’s Day, though we’ve never had a solid Vday track record (ice storms, power outages, and trees crashing through our house come to mind), but tomorrow is a different day: tomorrow marks seven years together.  Today, like every day for the past seven years, reminds me why I’m so glad G is my partner in life. (Nellie’s pretty darn lucky, too.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s our heart-adorned little monkey bouncing around tonight before bedtime.

Even her little feet are happy. (Lucy is less excited about the holiday.)

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It’s been a rough weekend, and today is no exception.  Nellie hasn’t had the greatest of post-shots days, and there have been a lot of tears shed today.  She’s far too clingy for a full post, so I’ll leave you with one of her six-month shots.  This pretty much sums up our angry little monkey this weekend — smiles have been few and far between.  It’s her bedtime now, and here’s hoping she wakes up her smiley self!

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