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Trick or Treat!

Today we handed out candy. We made black and orange funfetti cookies.  We scooted our ‘First Halloween’ onesie across our tummy time mat (with super cute corduroy pants). We put on a fire and devoured delicious hot chocolate. And we wore socks that said Boo.

It must be Halloween.


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It’s Halloween weekend, and the strangest one we’ve had.  It’s definitely the first one we’ve had with big, fat, fluffy snowflakes.  And although I think it is WAY too early for all this winter-geddon talk, I still kinda sorta wanted to wake up to snow this morning.  But our neighbors to the north got all of the sticky stuff, and it was just cold sunshine in Maryland today.

I have a catch-up post to write from Friday/Saturday, but I also have a lot of pictures for this weekend.  Since I’m tired and football is on, however, I’m going the lazy route and opting for a picture post.  Words can wait till a weekday.  Kristin and Liz are visiting this weekend for a little Nellie love, and they showed up in style with wine, lobsters, and precious presents for Nell from our favorite little store in the mall.

Saturday night lobster feast

Playtime with Nellie on K’s lap


I got Nell a new tummy-time mat the other day so she would have one downstairs. I can only lug her big one up and down the stairs and around the house SO much.  Also, I can’t deal with the music on that one all day long.  She is a big fan of chewing on the teething toy and smiling at herself in the mirror.

Next time I’ll post about our visit to Nellie’s daycare, our first baby shower with baby, and the other happenings in our household.

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Snow in October?

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Another Rainy Day

Nell and I are on our own again.  We ran just a couple errands this morning, but it was raining hard so we came back.  In and out of the car in the rain is no fun at all.  And I’ve got lots of unsavory chores today, like laundry and bills, and I can hardly ignore those forever.  Especially since someone’s laundry is starting to stink because someone peed all over her clothes yesterday.  Ahem.

Since Nellie and I have nothing fun to report, I’ll post pictures of her instead.

Yesterday, ready to head to the airport.  I call this her fleece mafia outfit, 

This morning I dressed her like a lady with a skirt and her purple sweater (not shown here, obvi), but she spent the whole morning lifting her skirt up.  Fail.  At least the folks at Starbucks thought she was adorable.

We’re home now, and changed into comfy clothes.  As a disclaimer I am well aware that she looks like a Christmas elf, but these are my only baby legs that fit AND match a red diaper.  I couldn’t put orange and blue stripes on her, yanno?

About to get a tummy time smooch:

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Eastern Shore

Dad, Nell, and I had quite the field trip today.  The weather was beautiful so we headed to the Eastern Shore to enjoy an afternoon in St. Michael’s.  It was gorgeous out, traffic was light, and there were hardly any people walking around the little town.  It was a perfect Tuesday!  We had lunch at the Crab Claw and peered in the windows of all the little shops.  We drove to Tilghman Island to look across the bay at our home.  And then we came home to G, who was hard at work on some videos, for dinner and Nellie downtime.  She was a dream all day long, and it was a wonderful day out and about in beautiful Maryland. 

Here is Dad bonding with Nellie at the Crab Claw, post-crab cake sandwich and fish & chips:

Nell is tired from the long day out and spending the evening on her grandpa’s lap.  Sadly his visit has to end tomorrow.  I think the puppies are sad, too, as they’ve gotten an awful lot of love over the past few days.

Time to talk G into a little hot chocolate.

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Monday at the Mall

Yesterday was another busy day with Dad.  And it was also a Ravens football day, aka Usually The Best Kind of Monday.  We won’t talk about that game last night, however.  Le sigh. 

Nellie was in a wonderful mood all day and enjoyed watching me purchase things for her at the mall.  I bought new Christmas stockings, and I am in LOVE with Nell’s, though I’ll wait to debut those until we put up Christmas decor.  I didn’t get the Pottery Barn ones that I wanted, and I’d like to say they deserve it for not having the stockings online to order or in store to view, but I got these new ones at PB Kids, so probably not a lesson learned there.  And even though it was NOT my intention to have a holiday-filled day, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Williams Sonoma has its holiday hot chocolate already in stores.  SWOON.  I wait for this every year.  I bought two.  And apparently, if you buy two, you get a discount.


We also stopped at BN and got Nellie a new book.  I’m getting desperately tired of her Halloween books, which I’ve long since memorized and no longer even open for ‘story hour’, so Dad and I poured through the (admittedly lackluster) Thanksgiving collection.  We walked out with the hokey though catchy ‘Night Before Thanksgiving’, which should give G a nice month-long reprieve from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, which automatically comes out of my mouth every time I run out of songs to sing.

Nellie was all smiles and funny faces today, except when she wanted OUT of her stroller at PBK.  Dad happily obliged and held her while I purchased our holiday goodies.

Here he is hanging out with her at home:

We all (and I mean ALL: three adults, one baby, and three dogs) went for a walk after dinner before bathtime and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Ravens game.   

Here are some of baby girl’s funny faces from the day.  Even though she smiles all of the time, I never seem to catch it on camera. 

And this gem:

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Skippers Sunday

The weekend flew by and K had to leave this morning, so Dad and I are hanging out and doing typical E & Nellie type things.  Like Starbucks.  And the mall.  Yanno, totally how Dad normally spends his time, right?

We had a very delicious Sunday dinner last night at Skippers that included fish tacos, bronzini with shrimp, calamari, and a cheeseburger (seriously, G?).  It also included some double pumpkin spice beer — new favorite find! — and a chocolate torte with ice cream.  You can probably guess which one I ordered and which one G ordered.

Here are some pics from our dinner (including some very chilly post-meal pics outside).

I know, I know.  It’s Sunday, and Nellie isn’t wearing football attire.  Weird, right?  But the Giants are on bye this week and Ravens play on Monday, so she had Sunday off and instead sported her new Halloween outfit from Aunt K (orange diaper and gray sweat pants added by moi). How cute is she?

These pics actually came from K’s camera and she, too, cannot resist the Nellie close-up:

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