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Nelly and I had a lovely day in the city and pretended we were not avoiding our powerless home but were, in fact, ladies who lunch in the city regularly.  Now we’re back in our hotel room hoping we can stay just a little bit longer.  We like running water and air conditioning and internet.  And running water.  Did I mention that?

Nell was fired up when we got back to the room, but now her day has caught up with her, and she’s napping happily.  Here are some pics of her awesomeness from earlier.

“I’m working on a diaper present!”

“What do you mean ‘we are running out of clean clothes’?”

“Well, I’m going to need just one more outfit then.”

“I look way cuter now anyway.”




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Oh, Irene. Seriously.

I’m blogging from our remote location just to check in.  A little status update: on Saturday at 2:45pm, we lost power.  It’s now Tuesday at 9:30am, and power restoration is nowhere in sight.  They’re saying Friday.  Heaven help me if we don’t have power until Friday.  Since Mom flew out this morning and it didn’t seem fair to send her on her way (for her or for the people sitting next to her on her flights), we came into the city last night for a hotel stay, a shower, and a night of sanity.  The neighbors are taking care of the pups and the generator at home, and even though we’d much rather be home with power, it is SO nice to be clean and have running water.

Nell and I are on our own today and are very sad Mom is gone.  Since we’re in the city, we’re going to take the opportunity to check in with all of the people who have been asking to see her cute little face — my coworkers and G’s.  The RCDC has been SO nice to let Nell and me use this room as a home base for the rest of the day, so we’re going to do just that until G is ready to go home.

I honestly dont know what we will do if power is out until Friday.  Nell is running out of clothes that fit, to say nothing of my own limited wardrobe, which is equally soaked in spit-up and more.  And our precious bathtub full of water, enabling us to flush toilets, etc., is running very low.  I haven’t tried to flush a toilet with bottled water, but it smacks of a luxury car ad.

So that is the update.  G and I are a bit weary from the whole situation, but Nell is in good spirits.  And the power outage didn’t get in the way of our family visit yesterday with Wayne, Michael, and Grandma.  But I’ll save that for a separate (powered post) so I can download some of the great pictures from the day.

Signing off from my remote location for now!

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Oh, Irene

I realize I missed yesterday’s daily fix of cuteness, but it’s not easy raising a newborn in the middle of earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.  And now that we’ve knocked past two out of three, we’re buckling down for Hurricane Irene and doing what all good folks on the eastern seaboard do when a storm comes — buying massive quantities of food and water just because we can.  We may not have power all weekend, but at least we’ll be able to drink gallons and gallons of water. 

Yesterday was Nell’s two week birthday, and it’s hard to believe I’ve already been on leave for two weeks, and it’s hard to believe I’ve only been on leave for two weeks.  It seems like I haven’t slept in about two months.  Either way, she’s definitely getting cuter every day.

Mom and I took her for a walk this afternoon before we get stranded inside with rain.

After sleeping through her walk, she decided she would keep on sleeping (after all, staying up all night makes little girls very tired during the day).  She has begun to thoroughly enjoy snoozing in her swing.



I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time for storm footage and Nell footage this weekend, even if we don’t have the power to post it.  But until then, it’s time to batten down the hatches before Irene’s visit.

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Growing Up!

We had a big day today — Nell’s two week check-up and mine as well.  We spent several hours at the hospital complex and Nelly Belly was a champ for (almost) all of it.  But to be fair, if they pricked my heel I probably would have freaked out also.  We all know how well I do with needles.

Nell is growing so much!  From 6lb 12.5oz at birth to 6lb 13oz last week to 7lb 80z today!  She suddenly zoomed up to the 50th percentile in weight!  She also had a major growth spurt and measured 20″ today — a big jump from two weeks ago when she was only 17″.  It explains why she started nursing more often, and it also explains why she is still such a skinny little baby — she’s busy adding length!  The nurse said she could tell immediately that Nell was bigger, and all I could think was, really?  She still seems like the same little peanut we brought home two weeks ago, though maybe she does seem a little bit heavier…

My appointment was far less exciting, but my scar is healing really well and the doctor was thrilled with my progress.  She also said I should start resuming normal activities such as driving, but I couldn’t take baths for another four weeks.  Obviously this doctor has no idea what my normal activities entail. 

Nell is still a little reversed in her sleeping habits, which I am pretty sure I predicted when I was still pregnant and she spent all night kicking and the whole work day snoozing, but we’ll get there.  I am really trying hard to transition her to sleeping in the pack n play rather than, yanno, on top of me, but she really likes to be held at night, so it’s a big struggle.  That said, she came home from her appointment today, went straight to sleep in the pack n play and gave me two blissful hours of naptime.  I am pretty sure that is more sleep than we got all of last night.

I did send G his daily fix photo, but it wasn’t a great one.  I hoped to take another one when we got home, but she soaked through her diaper and her clothes, so she had to be changed right away.  So I am cheating and posting one of my favorite pics from the last day at the hospital.  And it’s almost not cheating because Nell and I were wearing the exact same outfits today.

And here is one more of Nell in her swing, and in her third outfit of the day.  She isn’t a big fan of the swing — I think the rocking, singing, swirling is all a little much for her still, but when it is turned off, it sure is a comfy place for her to sleep.  Hopefully her Nats outfit will last until gametime.

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Packages for Nell

This is like three posts all in one.  Today’s regularly-scheduled blog has been bumped down to appropriately recognize the excitement of today.  Earthquakes are big news out here, even when every news program is grasping at straws to find some damage — any damage — in DC to cover their airtime.  I’m embarrassed to say that Mom and I didn’t even feel it, even though everyone around us was in an immediate state of panic.  We were walking Nelly Belly at North Beach, and I am pleased to report she was still calm and collected after the earthquake.

These pictures double as G’s daily fix of Nell cuteness.

Even after all the fuss and sirens and rumors of a bay tsunami, she was still happy and relaxed on her way home.


And now back to our regularly-scheduled blogging, titled Packages for Nell.

Nell has gotten some pretty sweet mail lately, which she wanted to show off on the blog. 

Aunt Diana and Uncle Alan sent the cutest bag of girlie clothes (and giraffe!).  Nell was sleeping at the time, so G took the liberty of modeling some of the outfits. 

And even though she was snoozing, we thought she might want to model one of the little outfits as well.  There is also a pair of pants with a panda on the butt, but those were too cute to do justice here.  I’ll wait till she is wearing them before they make their blog debut.

I heart baby girl clothes.  Thank you A&D!

Nell also got the most precious pair of little shoes from Ken and Leslie.  I cannot wait till these fit her little feet, and I kinda sorta wanna buy a hairbow with a matching rosette for a super girly day.

Since it will be a little while before she fits in her dancing shoes, she is currently sporting her sneaker snocks in a bevy of colors.  These are the only socks that she doesn’t kick off.  Ever.  They’re made of magic thread or something.

Baby girl also received the absolute sweetest pink and white striped dress from Helen, but since we’re saving that dress for next summer, I’m going to save it on here as well.  Suffice it to say, she’ll be sporting it all summer long.

On behalf of NellyBelly, I’d like to say how very blessed she feels with all the love she has received from our friends and family.  She can’t wait to meet everyone on that long list of love so she can express her gratitude with lip bubbles and tongue kisses.

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G’s Daily Fix

G went back to work today, which is very sad.  I can’t believe that dads don’t get any paternity time at all, but I won’t get into all that.  Thank goodness I still have Mom around to help out so Nell and I aren’t totally on our own!  But since there was no way we were just going to sit in the house and mope without Daddy, we decided to take a slightly extended outing as I forge ahead on my plan to get Nell totally used to her carseat and kangaroo carrier.  So we went to Starbucks and Target, which sounded like a totally perfect day to me.  Nell was a champ and was perfect in her carseat, perfect in her carrier, and perfect for the entire three hour journey.  She was just waking up when we got home.  Three hours is definitely about the maximum time we can be out and about before we need to think about changing or nursing on the go, but I’ll cross those bridges another day.  Here are a couple pics I took for G so he could see how adorable Nell looked today (in my awesome orange outfit — please note that the cloth diaper does match the baby legs!).

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This is going to be a bit of a picture post because I’m exhausted today.  Apparently a trip to Starbucks, Giant, and Walmart, plus carrying Nell around the house, is a bit too much for me these days.  Luckily I have lots of cute pictures to share.

G already posted video of Nell during bathtime, but I’ll add some pictures to the mix because she is SO cute in the tub.

Here is baby girl chillin’ out in her pack n play.

And again with her daddy.

Showing off her dramatic side.

Ready for the all-important trip to Starbucks.

Mostly I pass my days counting her smiles, imitating her old-man faces, and waiting to hear her funny little giggles.

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