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So sad that this beautiful, sunny, extended weekend is over, but it seemed like far more than three days away from the city and work, so we must have done a terrific job enjoying it.  Today was the hottest and sunniest day of the weekend — not a cloud in the sky.  We had breakfast on the deck, let Sally romp in the pool, and then packed up Mini Monster for another beach trip.

(Two posts in a row with the same outfit — shameful, I know. It’s just going to be a polka-dotted swimsuit kind of season.)

Then we made our way back home for our Dove Mtn-inspired Memorial Day Feast.  The first course was bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeno peppers which G grilled to deliciousness.  I might even say these were more delicious than the AZ versions. 

The main course comprised two dishes of  deliciousness: grilled sweet potato fries with lime, cilantro, and sea salt; and bison burgers topped with chipotles in adobo, as well as a grilled corn and bell pepper relish.  Yumm.

Puppies are pooped from three days outside, three days of sunshine, three days of running around chasing bugs, three days of swimming (if your names are SallyB and Lucy, obvi), three days of panting in the shade and secretly hoping everyone goes inside (if your name is Linus), and three days of stalking food that ‘happens’ to fall off the grill into open mouths.

Thank goodness it’s finally summer!


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We spent another beautiful day outside enjoying the house and the weather.  To be fair, one of us spent the day doing manual labor outside, and one of us sat in a reclining lawn chair and read a mystery.  Pot-ay-to, pot-ah-to.  The puppies went swimming, meals were enjoyed outdoors, and we didn’t go anywhere — which was blissful.

(Well, I went to the grocery store in the morning to prepare for our Memorial Day feast, but that hardly counts because I was back before the morning clouds broke.)

We enjoyed the beautiful star-filled evening outside on the stone deck with the puppies and the firepit.  G even played guitar while we relaxed until the fire slowed down for the night.  All three pups were happy to sit around the heat and listen to G’s music and the frogs — none of which Sally B found to stuff in her mouth last night.

You would think Lucy is just chilling out, but really she has her eyes fixed on G’s ice cream bowl, which she almost fell into the hot tub trying to get before he finally put it inside.


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We live where we live for days like today — days that are good for mind, body, and soul.  A late breakfast on the deck with the puppies.  A couple of hours spent reading on a private corner of the beach.  Dinner at skippers on the dock bar.  Sunshine and a breeze on our heads all day as we drove around in Mini Monster with the top down.  Now we’re home with a full night to relax with the puppies and two more days off to enjoy.  I love summer. I especially love summer in Cbeach.

First Skippers visit of the season.  How I’ve missed their…water.

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20 weeks and 20 pounds

I might be fudging on one of those.

Remember the good ol’ days when I thought surely everyone could tell I was pregnant at 8 weeks?  Remember jeans with buttons?

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28 weeks

I don’t know if I’m more surprised by the fact that we’re already at 28 weeks or the fact that it’s practically June.  Where has 2011 gone?  I don’t feel like we could at all be close to the home stretch, though my doctor seems to think so, and appointments are now on an irritating schedule of every two weeks.  I think she’d be just fine seeing me again at 32 weeks, but apparently 30 weeks is a necessary stop.  Who needs to work?  Today was the glucose test, and I’m not a fan of downing sugary orange crap first thing in the morning, but my fingers are crossed that I passed that.  As bad as this was, I can’t imagine taking the longer test.  They didn’t tell me my blood pressure today, but I can’t imagine the added stress of taking my blood could have helped.  (Did I mention I hate having blood drawn?) 

BabygirlK is strong and growing.  Her heart beat was as loud as we’ve heard it, though we didn’t get the rate, and she was all scrunched up on the right side of my belly (likely in catatonic shock from the crazy sugar beverage).  According to my weekly emails, she weighs about 2 1/4 pounds and is nearly 15 inches long.  Presumably the rest of this month’s questionable weight gain is from the giant sprinkle cookies we bought at the supermercado outside Phoenix.  They were 5 for $2.  If I can’t have margaritas, at least I can have sprinkle cookies.

G took the requisite 28-week photo this morning (which Sally was super stoked to be part of).  Otherwise, everything is sailing along pretty smoothly.  Except for the hyper monster trying to kick her way out of my belly, I feel really good.*

*Editor reserves the right to revise this statement upon receiving any negative results from today’s tests.

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Somehow, without either of us noticing, time has slipped away. We’re in third tri, ten weeks away from full term, and it is starting to seem as though there may soon be an end of ‘pregnant’ and a beginning of ‘baby’.  Since we’re both off today, it seemed like the perfect day (to me anyway) to hang everything in the nursery. (To be honest, this was less to do with a day off and more to do with the arrival of my final nursery wall item – the clock.)  It was time to bite the bullet and hang everything.  I’m still in complete denial that this is more than a room and will house a little person soon, but as far as rooms go, I think it’s pretty nice.  Here are some pics of our baby girl’s blue room.

A panorama shot of the three main walls:

View from the door:

Looking at the opposite wall:

Reading nook:

Some other details:

We’re still missing some basics, like our changing pad cover, the wet bag for diapers, etc., but it’s kinda almost there!

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Dove Mountain

Last night we flew home from our vacation at Dove Mountain where we celebrated K’s birthday with the beautiful scenery of the Arizona desert.  It was the best kind of vacation — the kind that seems like you’ve been gone a lot longer than just three nights.  We flew in and out of Phoenix and rented an Altima to trek back and forth.  The drive from Phoenix to Dove Mountain is nothing but desert on both sides of I-10 — cacti, dust devils, and not much else.

G and I had a ground floor patio, while K and L had a top floor balcony — we had morning sun, they had afternoon sun.  We were fortunate that our patio looked toward the mountains and the pool, so we enjoyed reading the paper every morning on our patio before the rest of the hotel woke up.  Here are some shots from our patio:

G and I had breakfast each morning at the hotel’s coffee shop, which was actually really tasty.  We may or may not have played a couple games of bocce after breakfast each morning on our way to the pool, but we also took the time to explore the beautiful grounds of the resort.  The resort grounds were replete with giant, beautiful saguaro cacti, flowering succulents and desert plants, and some very well-maintained function lawns that hosted a wedding and a separate reception event while we were there.

The majority of our time was spent at the pools.  The larger pool below had cabanas and a waterslide and was the ‘family friendly’ pool of the two; we spent our days at the top pool, which was a gorgeous infinite pool with shallow tanning section, hot tub, and plenty of chairs and umbrellas for the large hotel crowd that was there during our stay.  The staff passed around hibiscus and mango agua fresca, flavored shaved ice, and water by the buckets.  Each day we had lunch at the poolside restaurant.  Every single meal we ate at the resort was phenomenal — I have seriously never had such good, and such consistently good food at a resort in my life.  I went to the resort planning to eat the poolside fish tacos featured on the website, and they didn’t disappoint.  So, that’s all I had for lunch while I was there.  I believe the others were more adventurous in their lunch choices.

We spent our evenings around the central outdoor fire pit, where we enjoyed desert cocktails — mango margaritas (with real mango — not a mix), grapefruit-infused vodka greyhounds, and more — and a host of delicious food items.  The food on the outdoor menu was served tapas style in small bites, so we took advantage and literally ordered everything on the menu (except, perhaps, for the cheeseburger).  Mini buffalo tacos, crabcakes with chipotle aioli and salsa, stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon, pulled pork sliders, and more.  The final night, we were even tempted into trying their new featured dessert: jabanero brownie with vanilla ice cream and a reduced whiskey sauce. Not my style, but the other three killed it.

The outdoor experience was more than just food and drink.  We heard stories of the local Native American tribe (told with more panache on some nights than on others) and listened to traditional Native American flute music from up on a hill in the desert that concluded at sundown. Then we were entertained by live musicians who played old country songs.

It’s pretty telling that all of the other guests I happened to speak to were repeat guests at the resort, despite its newness — it is only 18 months old.  It was a spectacular experience.  Everything is geared toward relaxation and connection with the desert.  Had I been slightly more mobile, we could have enjoyed even more — hikes, mountain biking, mountaintop yogo.  Which just means we will have to go back.  Needless to say, I was very, very sorry to leave (though happy, of course, to see three very ecstatic puppies).

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