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Halfway there.

I can’t believe 20 weeks went by this quickly. We’ve got a new addition for this week’s picture.

Note: I am fully aware that I wear an inordinate amount of gray.


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Blissfully happy. Finally home.  It seemed like I would never be on this end of the trip, and I am so relieved to be back.  So nice to be back with G, so nice to be back with the puppies, so nice to be back in my own bed, and so nice to have food options that go beyond bread and cheeses I probably shouldn’t be eating.  Skim milk, Starbucks, vegetables. Bathtubs, slippers, and clean pajamas.  Days that aren’t 17 hours long. Time off my feet. Bedtime before midnight. And, finally, a break from the sound of my blackberry alarm, which sends waves of panic and anxiety through my body every time I hear it. I can’t get it out of my head — it followed me around this weekend.

But soon I’ll forget.

And my feet won’t hurt anymore.

And my exhaustion will be pregnancy-induced, and not caused by a complete absence of sleep.

The timing for the trip couldn’t have been better, however; even as I was choking down breakfasts of orange juice and dolma (ugg), I could at least feel babygirlK kicking away after every meal.  Nothing is more grounding than feeling the baby a few minutes every day, even in the midst of the crazy swirl of work spinning around me.

20 weeks this week.  The ‘halfway point’, though it’s a bit of a misnomer since the first four weeks didn’t count at.all.  Somewhere between 18 weeks and 20 weeks, I became pregnant — so pregnant that strangers congratulated me, customs officials pulled me out of line (“it’s better for the baby,” they said), and people carried my luggage for me.  So even though the trip might have been physically easier a couple of weeks ago, in fact, it was probably the perfect timing.

G finished the crib while I was gone and set it up in the corner of the nursery.  He even spread the fabrics out on the mattress so it would look ‘real’ when I came home.  And it’s perfect — absolutely perfect.  The room is starting to look warm and inviting, sweet and relaxing. I still don’t know what will go on all of the walls, but the prospect of the blank (blue) canvas is exciting. And, of course, there is a list of projects I am eager to start on (and/or give to mom when she is here 🙂 ).

Speaking of that, the countdown is on…Only five days until Mom is here to visit and I have a much-anticipated WEEK OFF to hang out, go to craft stores, and relax at home with her.

Did I mention how much I love being home?

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Going out in style

BabygirlK had quite the mail day today, which definitely perked me up as I contemplated the evil task of packing.  Are you sick of seeing cloth diaper pictures? No? Whew.

BumGenius 4.0 diapers (the very same diaper I showed our one-day-to-be daycare provider) went on sale for a three day period last week. And since that happens, oh, never, I bought just a few to help build my stash.  Three pink, three lavendar, one light sweet green, and I even got a free pair of lavendar baby legs.

But another package stole the show today.

It came in a fancy box, with a fancy bow, and a fancy gold tag that said To Baby K, From K.

To hang on our orange stroller stuffed full of pink diapers, I’m not sure there is a more awesome diaper bag in the planet.  In fact I would start carrying it around now as a purse, but people might side-eye me when they noticed a changing pad next to my wallet.

Did you know Love comes in pink and orange?

It is even big enough to almost cover my giant stomach.

I dare say BabygirlK is going to be the most stylish little girl ever.

THANK YOU K!!!!!!!!!!!! *swoon*

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Take Two

I wouldn’t recommend a trip a day to IKEA, both for sanity’s sake and your wallet’s sake, but I made my way back there today when someone assured me over the phone that my fabric was not only in stock but sitting on the showroom floor.  And since yesterday’s efforts at home had given me a sense of my other needs in the room, I also got a lamp.  I would have gotten two, but the second one I wanted was out of stock — though it will probably be there tomorrow, I was assured.  Grr.  Not a fan of IKEA’s stocking methods.

The crib skirt (plus other small projects) fabric is orange with navy blue and white birds to pick up the navy blue velvet curtains.

Doesn’t it look great with the crib sheet fabric?

The dressers we got on Clist and refinished turned out awesome, and they look even better with the new fabrics and other accessories in the room.  They even look great with BabygirlK’s things stuffed inside.

The work is done for this weekend.  It’s time to pack and contemplate next week’s travel.  And besides, these four are tuckered.

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It was a productive day today in the world of Babygirlk.  After months of trying, I finally scored an amazing cloth diaper deal on Clist — 23 newborn BumGenius xs diapers in a variety of colors (heavy on the pink).  The woman used them for a less than a month and they’re basically brand new.  Not a spot on them.  In fact, when she tried to show us the only spot on the entire lot, neither of us could see what she was pointing to.  They’re amazing, and they cost less than half of what it would have cost for me to buy them new.  If we use them for another kiddo, or if I resell them after a couple months of use… well, they’ll pay for themselves over and over again. 

And with just a few more fitteds my newborn stash is Done.

This diaper is the color our crib will be — see how cute it looks against our pretty blue walls?

Since we were already up in Laurel, IKEA was the obvious next stop. IKEA is kind of like Costco — everything seems like a really good deal, but you have a coronary when you check out. 

G had a list of things for the house, and I had a list of things for Babygirlk’s room.  We got the curtains for the room (velvet drapes over sheer embroidered inserts), a shelf with hooks and natural fiber hanging bags to hold things like wipes, and the fabric for the crib sheets (LOVE).  The second fabric I am desperate to have for the crib skirt and a few other accents was out of stock but is apparently being delivered tomorrow.  I may very well drive back to IKEA tomorrow just for this fabric.  It’s perfect.  And we got the piece we went for — a low profile rocking chair for the corner of the room; we may or may not have totally splurged on the cushion for the chair, forgoing the lame-o canvas covers and choosing a stuffed sheepskin cover that looks like puffy clouds and sweet dreams.  And it’s SO comfortable.

Right now the room is only one layer done — the blue layer.  We still need to add the orange crib, changing pad covers, and crib skirt bedding I had my eye on today, so no pictures yet.  Actually, just two — the dreamy cloud chair and my crib sheet fabric.

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Counting Down

16…days until we pick up Mom for a week!!

12…days until the halfway point of this pregnancy!

10…days until I come home from Brussels and put work travel behind me!

4…days remaining to cobble together a week of suits that still fit.

3…dogs who are going to have so much fun with their father next week!

1…day until the weekend. Thank goodness.

0…days until Gtown’s first NCAA game!  It’s going to be a late night tonight — HOYAS!  But I plan to set up shop in front of the TV with nursery dresser drawers, a tarp, and some paint. This little blue room is coming together!

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Still a Girl!

And still stubborn.

Oof.  Most people would say the longer the ultrasound, the better — more time to see baby-to-be, right?  Actually, I think one hour is my limit for watching a black and white image do absolutely nothing.  Sure she wiggled around a little. And at one point she flashed us the peace sign. But for the most part she sat in the same position she did last time we had an ‘official’ ultrasound: hands over face, refusing to cooperate.

But it was all good news.  She’s healthy and all parts were accounted for.  She’s still a girl, and her heartbeat didn’t budge one beat from our doctor’s appointment two weeks ago.

We didn’t get a single cute picture.  Thank goodness for the elective and our adorable profile shots!  I present to you, instead, her four least creepy pictures.

Wondering what you’re seeing?  Top left is one of the 3D pictures we got.  Freaky, right?  That is her hand over her face and her entire front side buried against the placenta.  And she stayed like that the whole time.  She’s using my placenta like a pillowtop mattress, which is uncool.  Picture on the top right is my favorite.  Her feet.  As close to cute as we got.  We couldn’t get a single profile shot, and the tech just barely got a measurement of her nose.  So the bottom left pic is our one and only 2D face shot –aka skeletor.    You can see her peace sign in that picture.  More than likely she realized she had (gasp!) given us a glance of her face and was rushing her hands back to cover up.  Bottom right is pretty self-explanatory — still a girl.  Three dots at 15w became three lines at 18w, so our blue room is safe.

We did feel a little bad since we didn’t mention to the tech that we already knew she was a ‘she’.  We were probably the least enthusiastic finders-outers EVER. 

All in all, great visit. Long visit. Kind of boring visit (at least according to G who may or may not have started nodding off in the dark room while the tech tried endlessly to try and get babygirlK to move).  The whole placenta issue is kind of a bummer, but hopefully it will move right along before I hit third tri, when that kind of thing gets a little trickier.

Finding the perfect daycare was just the cream on top of a very good day. 

Sally and I did take a picture this morning to commemorate 18w.  (And my new dress — 50% off at Nordstrom — who wouldn’t celebrate that?!)

Now I am eager to paint the dressers and start putting the pink diapers away!

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