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Spring Cleaning

It’s been almost four years since we moved to Cbeach.  Coincidentally, it has also been nearly four years since we purged our closests, gave items away (to the trash monster), or generally organized our life.  And in those four years, we’ve never put a.single.thing. in our attic.  I am  We are unusually talented at cramming things into closets or under beds, as it turns out.

But all of this had to change.  In small part because my current system of organization — half my clothes in one room, half my clothes in another — was driving me crazy, and in my rebellious state, I was refusing to put away laundry. (Editor’s note: G would disagree strongly about the use of rebellious and exchange it with ‘lazy’; however, he is not right about everything.)  And in large part because changes are coming.  Three bedrooms, three closets, and — soon — three people.  Our working system of 1.5 closets per person was about to be up.

So, what began as the need to put away laundry turned into something much larger than itself.  Trash bags full of old clothes, old shoes, old crap were dragged outside.  Boxes of clothes, mementos (G’s baseball card collection, for example), photo albums, and more were shoved into the proud-to-be-needed attic above the hallway.  Clothes (mine) were moved from the master bedroom into the guest bedroom; other clothes (his) were moved from the no-longer-his-room into the master bedroom.  Three closets became two closets.  Furniture was emptied and posted for sale on Craigslist.  Paintings and guitars were taken off walls and moved to new homes.

And in the room that is no longer G’s dressing room, four tiny things appeared in the closet: Ravens footie jammies, Giants footie jammies, a gift set of J&J bath products, and a gifted baby blanket with dragonflies.

Did I mention? — changes are coming.

Oh, and it should go without saying that poor Linus, the dog for whom ‘change’ is a very bad word indeed, experienced quite the high levels of stress and anxiety yesterday until he finally balled up on the bed with his head on my chest and refused to move.  Sally, it seems, also does not adapt well to change — though not for stress so much as lack of intelligence.  With G’s clothes now in the master bedroom closet, Sally’s ‘step’ into bed had to switch sides (from my side to G’s side — yesssss!).  But after showing her the new location of her box six times, she still sat sadly by my side of the bed wondering why we stopped loving her.  Sigh.

Lucy, of course, was totally unfazed, and is thrilled that the guest bedroom, otherwise known as Lucy’s room, is now clean and tidy.  She hates when there are clothes on her bed.


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(frame courtesy of Chesley – a very sweet surprise)

I imagine that every future mom and future dad has a defining moment during the pregnancy, or the birth, or just after when that bond between parent and child (or child-to-be) forms.  For some, it probably happens at the very first ultrasound with the very first bounce of the fetus; for others, it might not happen until they hold the baby in their arms at the hospital.  I admit that even after two full ultrasounds and a sneak peak at the doctor’s office, I still didn’t feel it.  I didn’t feel that magical, all-knowing, all-protecting attachment.  I didn’t know the mini person bouncing around — was it a she or a he; was it an active mini person or relaxed; what did its heartbeat sound like; where in my growing belly was it; what kind of personality did it have?

But then we had the opportunity to spend thirty minutes with her. 

We saw where she was.  The position she slept in.  How she stretched out. Her fondness for her umbilical cord.  Her mouth moving in and out.

We heard her heartbeat.  It was loud, strong, consistent.  (We tried to record it, but she somersaulted just then.  Yep, still stubborn.)

There were finally words to describe our baby girl — her actions, her personality.  Her.  But there really are no words to describe what that feels like — to know at that very moment that you’re bonded with this little girl.

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Sally’s Photo Series Continued

I know this is off my 8w, 12w, 16w schedule, but since I’m actually starting to look pregnant (cookie-indulgent?), I am breaking the trend and posting an in-between picture.  15w1d, and I’d say Sally looks just as good as she did in our last picture together.

You’ll notice I’ve modified my N.F.O.E. into a slightly-more-work-appropriate-if-I-have-no-meetings-and-CEO-is-on-travel outfit.  I didn’t wear elastic pants today.  I won’t make that mistake again.

I should say that we did actually do a photo shoot with Sally as the subject.  Ironically she didn’t care to pose for any of them, and it took about 100 shots to get one that was usable.  The shoot was for the art project I am working on for baby k’s room — I am still working on some stuff in photoshop, but I can’t wait to debut it at some point in the future!

Oh, and lastly, I am totally ignoring the elephant in the room.  I’ll post the ultrasound pics and try to find words to convey the excitement of an ‘it’ becoming a ‘she’ this weekend.  For now you just get my belly.  And the baby girl.  And the one who thinks she is my baby girl and can therefore eat my wooden salad bowls during the work day and not get in trouble for it.  Grr.

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And just like that…

20 degrees and snowing.


And I was so ready for spring.

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Long Weekend

It was 80 degrees on Friday.  In FEBRUARY.  And for once, my karmic stars aligned and I happened to be taking a sweet, much-needed vacay day.  So I packed up my new orange beach chair, a cooler with a turkey reuben, grapes, and three bottles of water, my lamaze book, and some hospital paperwork to finish making calls, and I high-tailed it to the beach.

I took pictures for G so he could experience it too.  Since he was working and all. 

His work was for a good cause, however; Saturday night was the annual (a loose term, really) RCDC gala.  We donned/squeezed into our fancy best for a mardi gras themed night.  He enjoyed hurricanes and I pounded the little artichoke appetizers.  He even set up the sling box to get the Gtown basketball game for me on a laptop.  Now that’s a party!

Unfortunately we got home at midnight, which is about three hours past my bedtime.  So we spent a very lazy Sunday doing pretty much nothing until the evening when we had the neighbors over for dinner.  I even tried to nap on the chair, but Lucy is not very subtle when she wants something.

She won.  Obviously.

And now it’s Monday.  ONE MORE DAY OFF!!  Woohoo!!

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Six years ago today I met G for the first time.

Valentine’s got nothing on today.

(Admittedly, not our first date, but I am pretty certain this was our first picture together.  At the Wizards v. Bulls game in 2005.)

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I know, three posts in one weekend.  I can hardly believe it myself.

But I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show off my NFOE.

New. Favorite. Outfit. Ever.

I haven’t had an opportunity to wear it yet since my weekends have consisted of grocery store, Starbucks, and pajamas for the past two months. Doesn’t really inspire a cute outfit. But we finally had an outing worthy of fantastic-ness.

Sally likes our new picture-taking routine.

And because I like to give credit where credit is due:

Skinny jeans, Gap Mat, birthday present from K!
Favorite ever striped shirt, Pea in the Pod, birthday present from Mom and Dad J!
Navy flats, Banana, birthday present from Mom and Dad J! <– they looked equally cute on Friday with navy tights to work
Bracelet, birthday present from G!

To round out birthday celebration (I guess it’s over now?), G and I stopped at B&N on our way to Michael and Wayne’s and spent my bday gift card from Mom and Dad K. They had the three books I went to buy: one on Bradley method, one on Lamaze method, and one on breastfeeding. It’s heavy reading, but someone’s got to do it.

Of course I bypassed all three for my Sudoku book tonight. Thank goodness I still have 6 months.

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