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New week, new pants

I completely acknowledge that I failed on my pledge to blog at least on the weekend, but it was with good reason.  K came to town this weekend to hang out before she heads to Las Vegas, India, and Hong Kong. (I’m totally not jealous.  Why would I be jealous?)  We spent Saturday — allllll day Saturday — at the mall in Columbia, which neither of us had ever been to before.  It was fabulous and splurgey and birthday present-y, and I got all sorts of new comfy clothes.  New jeans, new work pants, new flat-bottomed shoes.  Bliss.

It’s all still bagged and tagged  for now — I vowed not to wear any of it until after tomorrow — but I’m pretty excited about it.  Shirring!  Elastic!

I will have some fantastic photos to post soon.  12 on Wednesday!  And new clothes this weekend!

In other news, I saw a recipe for spaghetti squash and kale gratin that looked fantastic.  Light at the end of the tunnel?


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G’s list of accomplishments so far today:

– Got up at 5 with the dogs and again (for good) at 6
– Built a fire
– Made the dogs bfast
– Dragged Lucy’s barking butt inside to shut her up
– Made homemade egg, cheese, and bacon bagel sandwiches
– Made his coffee and my hot chocolate
– Stripped the bed, laundered the sheets, and everything else
– Cleaned up the back deck in preparation for spring
– Vacuumed the house
– Did the dishes

E’s list of accomplishments today:

– Rolled from the bed to the comfy chair downstairs
– Ate the breakfast sandwich G prepared while watching Sportscenter
– Drank the hot chocolate G prepared while watching the Australian Open
– FOLDED A LOAD OF LAUNDRY (I know, I can hardly believe it myself)
– Contemplated, then rejected the idea of taking a shower
– Dismissed last night’s inspiration to see a movie today
– Considered, then rejected the idea of doing my yoga DVD

So in case you haven’t mentioned to G that he’s awesome, it would be a good thing to do next time you talk to him.  I’ll probably be napping (and dreaming of hot dogs as I seem to regularly do now), so just thank him for me.

I haven’t blogged because my new super tight schedule does not permit me to do so. For example, a typical day.

5am. Alarm goes off. Curse. Turn on shower. Get back in bed. Curse. Get out of bed and into shower.
6am. Leave for work. Stop at Starbucks for daily veggie egg sandwich. Cry if I think I might not get it.
7am-5pm. Work. Snack every two hours. Occasionally have a healthy snack such as an orange, but curse when hunger sets in again two minutes later and remember why cheese is superior to fruit. Vow never to choose fruit over cheese again.
5pm-630pm. Drive home. Consider dinner options. Grilled cheese. Pizza. Mexican. All sound good. Make decision based on effort required per dish.
630pm-730pm. Some form of cheese-based dinner and playtime with puppies.
730pm-830pm. Give dogs bones. Make tea and settle down in bed with puzzle book. Complete one puzzle before realizing sleep is imminent. Just barely manage to get light turned off in time to go to bed.

Rinse, repeat.

In addition to an inability to blog, there is also very little time to take pictures. I leave you, therefore, with only two: G and Brad at last weekend’s wedding; G scraping ice of El when we got hit with little ice pebbles earlier this week.

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3 more days!

I had an inspiration last night that asparagus would be delicious if only it were rolled in a mountain of grated parmesan cheese.  I was right!  I like to refer to this side dish as “the first vegetable I’ve eaten in a month”.  It actually paired really well with the grilled cheese sandwiches we had for dinner.

Every time we go to the grocery store, I think G imagines life will restore to normal, and we will bring real food home; however, I think he was a bit disappointed in yesterday’s shopping trip: bread, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cottage cheese, asparagus, tomatoes (on a grilled cheese sandwich, they barely register), spinach (haven’t decided how I feel about this), margarine, bacon, and frozen chicken nuggets. ::hangs head in shame::

In other news, the puppies played Animal House earlier this week and destroyed everything they could get their greedy little mouths on.  It all began when “someone” left the pantry open just a smidge when we left for work.  They pulled out toys, food, containers — everything that looked appealing. Though, in the week’s most bizarre decision ever, they left the box of jerky treats (silent message to me perhaps?) and instead took a boxed bottle of vanilla extract.  The box was dismantled, the bottle opened, the contents drained.  I would like to know which dog likes vanilla.

But once they had their paws on the pantry items and knew they were already in trouble, what was to stop them?  Counter surfing was next — taking down collars, papers, and anything else Linus (let’s face it, SB is too short, and Lucy is too fat to get up on the counter) could reach.  Everything was shredded and strewn about the kitchen and living room.  But why stop there?  Someone discovered that if s/he teetered on the edge of the window seat near the dining room table, s/he could just reach my basket of expensive wicker ball decor.

When we got home to the disaster, Linus had something in his mouth.  Was it a spool of twine come undone?  Nope, one of my expensive wicker balls.

Naughty, naughty puppies.

We have a wedding tomorrow (during which I may or may not make frequent trips to the “restroom” to catch the Ravens/Steelers game).  G has informed me that wearing a black pencil skirt and my ravens jersey to the wedding is inappropriate.  Whatever.  Business on top, party on the bottom, right?  I think I get a pass for anything that zips, but apparently that’s not the case.

And of course, Monday is a very exciting day! A day off from work for MLK day (for me, sorry G), and my next black and white picture taking appointment.  Woohoo!

We’re only three days and approximately 6 grilled cheeses away!

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Wild Card Weekend

In the NFL that is — but with the Saints and the Colts both falling yesterday, my optimism for a Ravens victory today is down slightly. What is going on with these playoffs?  Gtown’s basketball loss yesterday didn’t help my sports enthusiasm this weekend.

Things that DID help my enthusiasm?

G’s massive pile of wood so that we never have to go outside for wood again. (Or for two days.)

Sally harrassing, well, anyone but me. (In this instance, G while playing video games.)

And G’s willingness to move furniture whenever I ask him to (which is pretty much ALL of the time). Yesterday, he made my great room nook even cozier by bringing down our slim-profile and very awesome electric fireplace from the upstairs room. I’m so happy with its new placement! I haven’t decided if it’s permanent or just for winter (when I would like fire — faux or otherwise — to be present at all times), but it looks pretty terrific under our painting.

Other things of note this weekend: yesterday’s menu included cheese five ways (low fat on a breakfast sandwich, high fat on a grilled cheese, in a little wax-covered ball, by the spoonful as cottage cheese, and bright yellow in Trader Joe’s mac n cheese).  It was quite the delicious day. I am not sure how G feels about all cheese all the time, but he’s being awfully nice about it.

Sally asked for us to take a profile pic of her to celebrate 8w. We obliged and I jumped in the shot, too.  (Don’t tell her I said this, but she’s looking a little chunky.)

Word on the street is that immediately after taking this picture, Sally fastened her jeans with a rubber band, put a giant sweatshirt on, and went grocery shopping for cheese.

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In progress

I thought about blogging last night. About how Lucy is her old self again. Or about the breakfast sandwich I had for dinner while G graciously ate a Subway sandwich. Or about how big our house looks without the Christmas decorations, like a breath of fresh air that blew all through our home.

I had several ideas actually.

But instead I went to bed at 8:30 because I’m exhausted. I can’t shake the insomnia that keeps me up every night. I listen to the hours on the downstairs clock while growing increasingly resentful at Sally Brown who usually ends up on my pillow snoring soundly.  But I have discovered I can at least fall asleep, and the earlier I start, the more likely I am to get at least a couple hours of sleep.  Even if I spend 2am-5am flicking Sally’s paws.

I’m on survival mode until the weekend.

Maybe I’ll blog then?

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At some point in November, Lucy went a bit nutty.  Well, more likely, she probably fell when we weren’t home. Either way, stairs became her enemy.  Two stairs, ten stairs — they were all equally evil.  Occasionally tolerable for a treat, but terrifying otherwise. It had gotten out of hand, as our chubbiest dog had become sulky and sullen in response to her abbreviated mobility. So G took on a new project to cover the treacherous stairs with carpet runners and give Lucy back the upstairs bedroom.

I’m happy to report it worked. She bounds upstairs again like nothing ever happened. She pops in just to say hello, and she sleeps the afternoon away on K’s bed again, instead of on the couch downstairs. Even her attitude has improved. We’re so happy to have her back! (And actually, we both think the runners look pretty great, and they’re so comfy on the feet!)

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Happy Birthday G!

A week behind, but never too late to post pics from G’s 32nd celebration!

Happy birthday G! I love you!

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