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Fall Food

This year, I’m excited to get to host Thanksgiving again. I’d rather forget last year’s Thanksgiving, which was mostly a foodborne illness blur. (G insists the pie was amazing.) But I’m already looking forward to turkey and cranberries and gravy and, more so, my fall tablescape. Round one (everyday seasonal) is already up. Swoon. I love this season.

And I’ll love it even more when G and trucky take  me to the local farm for hay bales, mums, and pumpkins.

*Featuring table runner from Mom. Still beautiful! And glittery pumpkins, orange candles, and pumpkin plates from Walmart. Because $24 per plate (a la Pottery Barn) seemed ridiculous. However I can definitely be okay with $1 per plate.


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I know I say this a lot, but I really mean it this time when I say that last month flew by faster than any others. It was only just July. It was only just August. And it was really only just the beginning of September. But we’re in October already. In just two days, the weather went from 95 to 65 and rain clouds moved in to finally give our plants and grass a bit of relief in their last green days. It’s time for jeans and muddy paws and things that taste like pumpkin. And even though I’ve been neglectful of my blogging duties, in my defense, time has moved really, really fast! (G and I did have a conversation about the time-space continuum and the possibility that time really does speed up or slow down in accordance with the expansion and contraction of the universe. He doesn’t buy my theory, but really, I think it must be true.)

This blog is subtitled, O, the Things We’ve Done!

We had an October Glory red maple planted in the front yard after I finally convinced G G finally agreed one more tree in the front would be the perfect addition to our home. I was determined to get an October Glory, and the nursery had one giant, beautiful one on the lot and on sale. Plus, the State of Maryland gives $25 to folks who plant a tree. Can’t wait to see its color!

G painted the brick behind the wood stove to match the rest of the room and eliminate those horrible black soot marks that previously ran down the back.

We enjoyed pork and pumpkin chili that may have been just a little too spicy for G, but also too delicious for him to not eat. It was even more delicious with pumpkin beer and football.

We repainted the master bedroom, reorganized the furniture, and deep cleaned it all.

We had dinner with our neighbors, and we saw The Town. (I have no pictures for this because my neighbors might find it strange, and the movie theater doesn’t allow flash photography.)

I became blonde again (whew!) and said goodbye to a good friend at work with several rounds of margaritas.

And I brought out some of my fall decorations because I like to decorate even when I’m in denial.

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