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This morning, as we ate our breakfast muffin sandwiches, we thought about what we could spend the day doing. I have a few ‘must dos’ on my list, but we had not planned ahead — trips to Smith Island and Kent Island, skipjack tours on the Bay, and other such items on my list would have to wait for another weekend. Out of ideas, I pulled up my bookmarked list of festivals and events in Maryland. (If anyone knows me, they know how much I love festivals. For example, next weekend is the massive Baltimore Antiques Show at the convention center. It’s been on my Outlook calendar for months.) Imagine my joy when I discovered today was the day to go to the Maryland State Fair!

I enjoy fairs as much — if not more — than I enjoy festivals. But every year when our county fairs roll around in September, I think how sad it is that we only have small fairs. I then remember to look up the state fair, but you know the end of that story. It has already passed, and I’ve missed it for another year.


So we were in the car in twenty minutes and on our way to the Timonium Fairgrounds. And Michael and Wayne were up for the adventure, too (though I sensed a little skepticism). What a fantastic Sunday. In addition to getting to hang out with family, we rode rides (well, I was the only one who rode multiple rides); ate deliciousness — much of which was deep fried, but G can tell you more about that; saw every sheep, cow, and goat in Maryland — including a 2600 pound bull: holy f* crap; saw the little pig races (!!!); and even made it to the racetrack to bet on a few horse races. Wayne can tell you more about that since HE won all three times. I didn’t win a single time; in fact, my horses were never out of the bottom two. Harumph.

Anyway, G is tuckered, and I’m quite pleased with our impromptu Sunday adventure. Here are a couple photos of the fantastic day at the fair (the first is taken from the grandstand at the racetrack):


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Kitchen for Kings

Here are some pics of the final kitchen and great room re-do of 2010. Also proof I made a cake — a rare and noteworthy occasion. And we are having guests over for dinner tonight, in case you wondered whether I was an alcoholic or just obsessed with staging stemware.

We would also like to thank Mom and Dad J and Mom and Dad K for some of the fab items that have made their way into our kitchen, including the cake stand and wooden fruit basket.

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It’s another picture post today because we’re 20 minutes away from our fantasy draft and because we’re having dinner guests tonight so my post-draft time will be spent making lemon icing and tidying.

I tried to get all three, and of course all three sat perfectly still until G had the camera ready. Then Sally realized how very exciting a camera could be and left the group. And then we got Sally back, but by then Lucy had had enough so she bailed to find a quiet corner for sulking.

We ended with two and decided that was good enough for one Friday night pic.

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My favorite things

In this episode of ‘my favorite things’:

Sally, still searching for the picture that will become her foyer wall picture

Greg, Nats fan extraordinaire

(Bonus points: can you spot the free hat? free T shirt? free tickets?

Okay, the tix aren’t in the picture. But you know what they say about 2 out of 3…)

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Dinner tonight

Let the record reflect that tonight G had wild Alaskan salmon and beet greens for dinner, and he liked ’em. And next time I mention that our menu includes beet greens, I expected no noses turned up.

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Dog Days

I mostly wrote today. Not the non-fiction project. I’ve abandoned it out of boredom and lack of inspiration. I’m back onto fiction writing, not book #2 behind book #1, but a different book number two. I don’t really think I’ll write the whole book now, but it’s been in my head with bits of dialogue and description coming to me at all hours. So I’m getting it down on paper (computer screen?) while it’s there, and then I’ll decide what to do with it. Either way, it’s a little dark and a lot of fun, and I’m having a surprisingly great time writing it.

I bought a new dog bed today. We only had two, which isn’t really an issue since Sally prefers to share, but lately the pups have been all about the dog beds. (Lately = since we discarded their beloved doggy loveseat.)  So much so that we’ve been dragging the same beds up and downstairs so they can hang out with us based on where we are. I’ve had enough of that so I decided to finally get a third. This way we can have two downstairs for any Sally/Lucy + Linus or Sally/Linus + Lucy combo, plus one upstairs for Lucy to sleep on (since Sal and Li opt for human beds). But since this would be especially for Lucy, our dog bed lover dog, I went for the best. Faux leather detailing, cozy back wall of support, so plush you could jump on it and spring right off, and endorsed by the dog whisperer. (Yeah, I know, but I thought I’d throw that in anyway.)

Anyway, Lucy took to it like… well, like a dog to a cozy new dog bed. She hasn’t left the bed since I brought it in, and SalSal and Li will be hardpressed to get a turn.

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G is on his usual Saturday tear of getting things done. He got us a new mailbox, which had to be stained and installed.

He restained the front door to prep it for the assault of winter.

We gave the pups baths this morning. Don’t they look happy? (Editor’s note: Lucy is missing because she did not want to be photographed today.)

And it’s also time to reveal the foyer with photos! It is still in need of some accessories, but I’m going to do a fall/winter vignette first, so I’m waiting a month before putting the props together. But for now, here’s a look at what we did. I love it — it’s exactly what I envisioned.

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