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The weekend went so quickly!  It’s hard to believe I head to Brussels tomorrow, but I am sure that the week will go quickly(ish), and when I come home, it will be 70s sunshine every day!

We made the most of our supersuperquick weekend.  We (G) planted plants, grilled multiple meals, and finally spent some time in our beautiful screened porch.

You are dying for a close-up of those artichokes, hand-trimmed by ME, aren’t you?  Okay.

Linus likes artichokes.  Just look how happy he is to be outside:

And when all was said and done, the puppies snoozed.  (You know, like on the floor and dog beds and stuff, right?) 

To be fair, three dogs and three pieces of leather furniture… You can see how they would misunderstand.


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It’s seventy degrees out today, which in DC means the disturbing resurrection of awkward summer apparel everywhere you look.  But in Calvert, it means the reemergence of gardening tools, grills, and dog park crowds.

The dogs played with a dozen others at the dark park at Gray’s this morning, and we now have three sets of eyes squeezed shut.  G grilled bison burgers for lunch (and tomorrow we’re having smoked ribs and grilled artichokes!), and we enjoyed our first meal in the renovated screened porch, which was glorious.  We contemplated the backyard, as we do every spring (professional landscaper?), chopped up some dead grasses about to burst with spring green, built a fire pit, and re-chemical-ed the hot tub.

It is quite possible I also laid out my plans for building a new room between the garage and the pantry to serve as a formal mud room.  Doesn’t spring just make you want to do home projects?

Most of all, we enjoyed a day at home in the sunshine.  Tomorrow I can worry about Brussels.

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Another Day

This week is eternal.  Maybe it’s because G is gone; maybe it’s the oppressive darkness that accompanies me to work every morning (thanks daylight savings); or maybe the universe is out of whack, and this week really has been longer than any other week in history.  (Honestly, I wouldn’t bet all my money against the third option.)  Either way, it’s only Thursday, which would be fine if yesterday felt like Wednesday.  But yesterday felt like Thursday, and so today, appropriately, feels like Friday.  Which would, under normal circumstances, imply that tomorrow would be a terrible Friday slap in the face, except — joyful joyful — G returns.  And while I’d be just as thrilled if G returned tomorrow and tomorrow were Saturday (ahem, heavens), at least this eternal week means that we’ll have an entire weekend before it’s my turn to fly away.

I’m extremely nervous today.  I took my black coat to the drycleaners.  Not because it needs to be clean (though goodness knows it does — lint rollers only do so much, you know?), but because I lost a button.  And if it were the bottom button, or even the middle button, I probably could have made it.  But I always button my top button (which is probably what caused the top button to fall off in the first place), and I have sadly discovered that a long black coat looks ridiculous with only the bottom two buttons attached.  I never found the button but — bless whoever thought up this idea — my spare button, graciously provided by Kenneth Cole, was still inconspicuously sewed to the inside lining of my coat.

But, you ask, couldn’t you just sew the button on yourself?

Yes (she says testily), I probably could.  But then my coat wouldn’t be clean.

But the point of this story is not whether I can or I cannot sew a button on a coat; the point is that my coat is at the dry cleaners.  Away from me.  Causing me extremely high levels of anxiety.  Because while I will only be without my coat until Monday morning, and though the weather forecasted is 65 degrees, winter could still strike at any moment.  It’s March after all.  And without my black coat, I am very, very vulnerable to sudden bursts of icy wind or violent snow storms that strike without warning. 

You might think this is insane, and that no one else thinks this way. 

But when I walked with great trepidation down the stairwell of my office building, bravely holding — not wearing — my black coat, and announced I was taking it to be cleaned, I was met with equal looks of horror and astonishment.

Because even though the sun is shining brilliantly and spring is just around the corner, it’s hard to believe that winter — this winter especially — might actually… be… over.

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Little SalSal, bless her heart, zonked out at 10:30 last night.  This was after I confiscated the three bones she had dragged on to the bed (and was fighting over with Linus) and hid them under a pillow.  (G, you might want to check your pillow when you get home.)  It was also after two hours of ball, tug, and “find all the toys SalSal abandoned in the backyard”.  Linus snored like an old man all night, and Lucy slept by herself in the guest room.  It was thrilling.

I knocked out another 2000 words before work today, motivation topped by only the Irish-loving barista at Starbucks, who proclaimed everyone Irish today.  (He has a particular fondness for me, given my name is Erin; he also digs that I — like him — have some Welsh ancestry.  Yes, these are the conversations we have in the morning at Starbucks.  And yes, this means they don’t screw up my order anymore.) 

(Ed note: in my haste, I typed welch.  It has been edited, apologies if you read too quickly.  I dont descend from grapes.)

Speaking of St. Patty’s day, I am — for the record — showing my Erin pride and wearing green.  Can you tell?

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Night at Home #2.

I didn’t post last night, even though G was already gone (already slacking on my home alone duties!).  Last night, I did laundry and dishes, I built a roaring fire to keep us toasty, I played ball with the dogs until I was bored (Lucy is relentless), and I went to bed early after watching a terrible show on Food Network that I simply couldn’t turn off.  I also felt watched the March Madness seedings show and realized that someone hates Gtown.  Not doing the Hoyas any favors!

But tonight is different: my chores are done (ish), and the puppies are entertained.  After work, I stopped at the pet store and stocked up on pet toy entertainment, including bones with rubber balls in the center and treat rings shooting out from the sides.  Except that the store only had two in stock.  And when the girl offered to order some more, I lamented that it wouldn’t help me tonight,  at which point I received a raised eyebrow, followed by the pointed question: how many dogs do you have?

Three labs.  What?  Is that weird?

So I bought a myriad of other things: bones, toys, and things in-between.  They’ve played musical toys about five times already, and each dog has tried each bone by now.  And they’re thrilled, and panting, and (fingers crossed) maybe even a little sleepy.  My night wasn’t too shabby either: I feasted on portobello mushrooms and asparagus over mahogany rice.  Mmm…  Lunch tomorrow will be delicious. 🙂

And tomorrow my schedule will be as it always is when G isn’t here with me.  I will wake up at 5 (and glare at the puppies crushed against my body despite the empty half of the bed), have breakfast and feed the puppies, bolt out of the house by 6, get to work around 7, and then crank out 90 minutes of writing at Starbucks before trudging back to the office for a very busy day.  And hopefully, like today, I’ll come up with more than 2,000 words before finishing my hot chocolate, and I’ll think to myself: this was the most productive morning ever.

And tomorrow night, when I am blogging before bed, I will think the very same thing I am thinking now: it’s only 845, but I am sooo tired… maybe the puppies will just…fall…asleep…

4 more days till G comes home…

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Enjoying the fire after salmon burgers (for G), jerkies (for the pups), and lots of tug and destruction. 🙂

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Coming Home

Who wouldn’t want to see these faces after a weekend away?  And yes, this deserved its own post of cuteness.

Sally Brown’s outtake photo.  SalSal: that’s a table, not a seat.

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