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Step 2.

It occurred to me just this morning as I was thinking about my book.  I’m about halfway done, I reasoned.  I didn’t think too much of the revelation (really – just a milestone based on a random number of pages I assume I might write).  But then it occurred to me — I was at Step 2.

Remember when I talked about Step 1? https://homebythebay.wordpress.com/2009/05/20/the-three-steps-to-writing-a-book/

Well it seems, according to Derek Powazek and his blog post entitled How to Write a Book in Three Easy Steps, I have finally made it to Step 2.  Here’s a bit of what Step 2 is all about:

Step 2: “I’m about half done.”

Step two is marked by the sudden realization that you’ve completely blown your schedule and everything you’ve written so far is crap. You will decide to pitch your first three month’s work and start over. “I have a renewed focus,” you will tell your editor, who will be supportive, if cautious. And you may be almost convinced of this.

All the people you’ve told about your book will now ask you about it when they see you, their faces full of hope that you will succeed where they did not. And every time you will get a new knot in your stomach. You will say one thing, and one thing only, when they ask: “I’m about half done.” And every time you will rationalize this to be true.

During step two, you will begin a list called “things to do when the book is done.” This list will keep track of everything you’ve given up in order to work on the book. Sample entries to this list are: “be social,” “earn money,” and “leave the house.”

Do not quit or start smoking during step two. You should not break up with your girlfriend if you have one, nor get back together if you’ve broken up. This would also be a lousy time to move, go to Europe, or get new pets.

In a day of revelations, I realize I have not only reached Step 2, but that it was this very process that made me say, I think we need another dog. 🙂


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Sunday Sunny Day

I surpassed 50,000 words today on the novel.  I’m on page 129 of what I suspect will be about a 300 page novel.  That 50,000 mark felt good.  But it also means the next totally arbitrary self-determined milestone is a ways away.  Luckily, I love Starbucks hot chocolate. 

It’s 46 degrees out today.  That might not mean much to most of you, but to us it means some serious melt.  A small chip into the glaciers that are moving slowly around our world, inhibiting cars and requiring precarious steps.  To celebrate Melt Day, the dogs and I tromped in the ice mounds and ate icicles off the house.  Free puppy chew toys!

When our feet got too cold, we moved back inside for fetch, tug, and picture posing.

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Writers and Writers

I did some great writing this weekend.  It had been a while.  So long I had to reread a bit to remember what I was talking about.  I am working through my outline as I write which makes it easier to walk away from a bit and come right back.  I am on page 32 of my outline.  This weekend, the novel passed the 100 pages and 40,000 words marks — both of which were milestones I was hoping to pass.  The next milestones to slog out are 150 pages and 50,000 words.  At the rate I am going, the first draft will end somewhere in the 300 page range (after which I will inevitably need to chop about 200 pages of crap).  Either way, it felt good to put in some real hours of typing.  In honor of a day back behind the laptop, a fabulous article about some very famous writers:


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This morning, Greg made me breakfast.  It has been a wonderful day all around.  But it started with breakfast by Greg.  The day could have ended there and been terrific.  I had soccer in the middle of the day, and tonight we had dinner at Yellowfin with Michael, Wayne, and Grandma.  A perfect Valentine’s Day!  Dinner was delicious. 🙂

Pic in front of the restaurant:

Greg and I didn’t get to take a birthday pic this year since my birthday was repeatedly snowed out, so we took one tonight.  Yay 28!

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Three Dog Snow Day

You may have already seen this via facebook, but here is a short video (just a small segment of the larger video we shot) of Lucy, Linus, and Sally Brown romping in the snow.  If we have learned anything from this video, it is that Sally’s mobility is not limited by her short stature, and Lucy’s mobility is… well…



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An Unlikely Duo

Another snow day.  Home again.  Day 4 that I can’t leave the house.  ::Glances warily into pantry to see what meals can be concocted today::

Our road is a solid sheet of ice.  From what I hear, the rest of the roads are, too.  In fact, parts of the Beltway and Rt 50 aren’t even open.  Nearly every ramp is closed.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel tomorrow.  Surely we can get out of here tomorrow. 

But tomorrow, two more storms are converging on top of DC, promising to dump another 5-10 inches of snow, blustery winds exceeding 25 mph, and chilly weather.  Right now, my weather machine says it’s 16 degrees out.  That’s too cold to play with the dogs!

So instead, the dogs and I are inside and toasty.  Lucy is snoozing on the couch — how she treasures peaceful sleep these days.  Sally and Linus are playing together.  They are always playing together.  This morning they are sharing a bone.

Linus, who we thought might never accept another puppy into the house, has become the new puppy’s very best friend.  They do all of the things that very best friends do:

They cuddle.

They hold hands.

They share a bone.

Maybe when it hits 20 degrees, we will go outside and play.  But for now, we’re gonna stay cuddled up inside — away from all the ice!

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We got a lot.

Snow is exhausting.

We earned our Super Bowl beer today. 🙂

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