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End of August

We’re home!  (The puppies would say finally.)  It was wonderful to see the doggies last night, but there was a bit of an *incident* upstairs.

Lucy 6
Sheets 0

Score another fitted sheet to the chubby dog.  And we had grown so fond of the hunting motif sheets from WalMart that replaced the last two sheets she destroyed.

Greg had to work today, so I got busy taking care of all of those things that happen at the end of the season.  Tomatoes and basil picked from the garden for sauce and pesto; zucchini fresh from the local stands baked into loaves of bread for the fall and winter.  Soon, end of summer activities will fade to be replaced by the early fall activities.  Mums will pop up on the front porch, summer squash will transition to pumpkins and butternuts, and firewood will become more than a home for the squirrels.

But I am ahead of myself.  Even though the onset of fall is approaching in DC, we are only a day past the pulsing desert sun and temperatures of 115 degrees.  (As though there weren’t already enough incentive in Sin City to gamble in the air conditioned casinos and slurp down frozen cocktails.)  I haven’t finished sorting through all the pics, but here are a couple from our fabulous trip.

Our hotel.  It was pure heaven!

IMG_0598 [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_0588 [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_0595 [Desktop Resolution]

Sunset and Vines Wine Bar — Disappointed with the lame pre-selected flights on the menu, Greg made a martini flight and I created a champagne flight.  Delicious!

IMG_0631 [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_0630 [Desktop Resolution]

The bonus of being on East Coast time is waking to see the sunset over Lake Las Vegas from the beautiful balcony hotel room:

IMG_0612 [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_0613 [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_0616 [Desktop Resolution]

Time for me to check on the last two loaves of zucchini bread, play with the puppies, and prep for dinner.  More pictures tomorrow — including proof we did actually make it out of Lake Las Vegas.


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In just 13 hours…

We will be on our way to BWI for our southwest flight to Vegas! 

(Editor’s note: did you know that Southwest no longer makes you stand in line to board?  Now your boarding “order” is assigned when you check in.  Not knowing this, I checked in at 9am Tues for a 740am flight on Wed.  At this time (80 minutes into checkable time), 21 people had already checked in ahead of me.  I am SO ready for next time.)

Once we arrive, we will hop into our (slightly upgraded) rental car (hello Nissan Versa!) and head to the resort.  I am going straight to the pool.


llv chair

Being the foodie that I am, I have my eye on a couple of hot spots around Lake Las Vegas itself.  A delicious sounding wine bar: Sunset & Vines.  With an insane number of boutique wines, half a dozen or so flights, and numerous cheese platters, S&V is high on my list for Wednesday evening.  Or afternoon.  

LLV features two luxury hotels, the Ritz and Loews, with a free intra-LLVresort shuttle to take you from one to the other.  Loews happens to have a restaurant called Marssa which specializes in sushi and goes the extra mile with sake pairings.   How could we not eat there?!

Continuining the countdown!

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Two more days!

No pictures this weekend — we were sans camera for the entire Friday-Sunday period as a precursor to our photo explosion set to occur when we hit Vegas on Wednesday.  But (had we taken pics) you would have seen Lucy and Linus passed out, conked, snoozing, wiped out, exhausted from running at the park, swimming in the Bay, walking around our neighborhood, chewing delicious new bones, and chasing the squirrel that taunts them from the wood pile.

Oh, and that time that Linus slammed into Greg from behind at the dogpark and knocked him flat on his ***… Yeah, that happened this weekend also. 🙂

Only two more work days until our first vacay since Christmas!  (Excluding trips to the Poconos of course.)  VEGAS!  And the forecast for the weekend is a mild 107.  Don’t worry, honey — it is a dry heat.

We’ll be staying at the Ritz on beautiful Lake Las Vegas, a total resort area with shopping, restaurants, WINE BAR, boat rentals, casino, and of course, the amenities of the RC itself.  17 miles from the strip, we’ll be in a self-contained little slice of hot Nevada heaven.  So excited!!

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I was starting to get impatient.  Haven’t we waiting long enough for our doors?!  Where are they?

As it turns out, we are less than two weeks into our four-week delivery window.  Gah!

And the blinds?!  Why haven’t they been delivered?!

It seems we ordered those only four days ago.  Is that possible?

Well throw another impatient stick on the fire.  Yesterday I ordered wonderful, fabulous, perfect lighting.  And it is going to take 2-3 weeks.  Son of a…!

What perfect lighting could really justify a three week wait? you might be wondering. 

The answer: handmade, rustic, wood trimmed lantern-y lighting from Montana.  How I heart the internets.  I almost never knew this totally obscure family-owned, rustic lighting company existed.

For the foyer, where we have a terrible, generic, white overhead light:


For the space by the washer/dryer (where our current 70s-fab light hangs):


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A Comcast coincidence…

…or truly COMCASTIC?

As avid readers of my blog know, a true tragedy occurred last night when full Comcast service was cut off to the house. 

Internet: gone.

Phone: gone.

Cable: gone.

Was this the end of life as we knew it?  We ran lines directly from the install point to our modem to determine whether the problem was inside the house or one of the lines outside the house and, in the process, discovered that we weren’t getting signal to the house.  And then we called Comcast and pleaded for support.  We received no sympathy and were told we would have to wait at least 36 hours for someone to help us.  SERIOUSLY?!

I got to work and voiced my displeasure via this blog.

And Comcast listened.

…or did they?

I received a blog comment from a Comcast blog searcher whose job is to seek out panicked Comcast customers online and soothe their fears of a life without technology.  His comment indicated a willingness to send a tech out immediately.  But did they?

When I called our house at 5pm today, I discovered IT WAS ALL BACK.

As we walked into the garage from a long, weary day of work, we heard the phone ringing.

What a magical sound, we thought.  I ran in and it was none other than Comcast indicating they believed they had fixed the problem.

Did we still need a service tech tomorrow? Comcast inquired.

No.  No we do not.

Did Comcast really come out early and fix the problem with no further prompting from us?  Or did my blog have magical comcast communication powers?

We may never know the truth…

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— We interrupt this regularly scheduled blogging to let you know that due to a total craptasticness on Comcast’s part which has left our wonderful home with no phone, no internet, and no cable, there will be no blogging for the foreseeable future.  We apologize that the adorable puppy photos taken last night will not make it to the blog.  Nor will my witty insights into humanity.  But please be forewarned that plenty of profanity and Comcast angst may very well appear over the next couple of days.  Did you know that $200 a month in Comcast services (highway robbery, no?) can’t even get us a service call within 36 hours?  Oh the wrath if this is not fixed by weekend… —

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veggie deliciousness

With Greg working all day on Sunday, I was left to do some grocery shopping and cooking.  Which meant: veggies!  (But deliciously prepared to avoid any objections, of course.)

Zucchini bread with mini chocolate chips.  I am pretty sure the first loaf is already half gone.

IMG_0576 [Desktop Resolution]

Corn, tomatoes, zucchini, and onions ready to jump into dinner with some black beans.  All locally grown (except for the black beans) and all delicious.

IMG_0578 [Desktop Resolution]

Happy eating!

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