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beach day.

is there anything more fun than a morning at the dog park followed by a day at the beach followed by strawberry lemonade cocktails and bison burgers? 

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southern living

The magazine that is!  I heart Southern Living.  And apparently (according to the editor of SL), I am just the demographic SL is trying to reach.  I am the new southern woman.  And since the new southern woman should read SL religiously, Kristin hooked me up with a free subscription about three years ago, and it




This month’s package was extra special, however.  An oversight (by someone who should surely be fired) took me off the SL comp list.  Kristin made a call, got me back on the list, and got me a FREE SL cookbook to boot.  I had to take a picture to show off the coolness.  (What southern woman wouldn’t?)

Oh, and then I took a picture of the dogs.  Because they like taking pictures.

Southern Living

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happy sunny saturday!

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Dear Daddy, I hope work is going well.  We wish you would come home soon.  Mom made us kongs, but she put peanut butter in them because she was out of liver paste.  I don’t like peanut butter so I just licked mine a little bit, and now I am playing with big yellow monster.  Lucy really liked her peanut butter kong, and I think she is eating mine now too.  (Don’t tell her I said this, but she is looking pretty chunky so maybe she should lay off the peanut butter.)  We can’t go out and play because it is raining.  Neither of us feel like chasing toys inside.  I guess we are just bored without you.  We hope you come home early.  Oh, Lucy wants to know if Fabio showed up to your event.  She thinks that would be cool.  Anyway, since I didn’t want my kong, Mom and I took some pictures to show you.  Hope you like them!  Love you lots.  Love, Linus

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Bye Bye Hair.

I cut off my hair again.  I had intended to cut a lot off, but I hadn’t intended to cut it ALL off.  It has only been a year since I last whacked about 10″ off to donate.  I thought 6″ would be a reasonable chop to make, but my hairdresser encouraged cutting





so I could donate again.

Benefits of my new cut include:
– Not being able to resort to a ponytail every day
– No tangles when we drive with the top down all the way to work 🙂
– Dry time just went from Supah-long to Really fast
– I apparently look taller
– I am doing my good deeds of donating again
– You can REALLY see all my beautiful jewelry from G
– Headbands will look  That. Much. Cuter.
– I look just like my beautiful mother.  Seriously.  We have the same haircut now.

Disadvantages include:
– Not being able to put it in a ponytail everyday
– Working out — I haven’t figured that one out
– These bangs that don’t reach my ears.  Give me a bobby pin please!
– People might actually think I was trying to look like Katie Holmes

I havent taken any real pictures — I will do that this weekend (no doubt from the front seat of the mini, where I plan to spend lots of time this weekend), but here is a shot from my blackberry on the way home yesterday. 


Luckily, the puppies still recognized me. 🙂

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It finally feels like summer.  The rain has finally stopped to take a breath, the sun has been shining, and we finally made it to the beach.  K, G, and I went to North Beach today to lay on the sand, swim in the Bay, and remember what summer is supposed to feel like!  Glorious.  We then took a windy drive along the Bay in orange mini monster to see just how awesome that car really is.  We ended up in Deale at Skipper’s Pier, where we had a couple of drinks, a little fried shrimp, and a beautiful vista of the marina.  Now we are back home.  A little bit sleepy from the shock of so much sunlight.  A little bit sad the weekend is ending. 

But really happy that summer is finally here.

On July 12.

Photo compliment of K’s iPhone.


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In what was a battle for the legends, the former lightweight BEST CAR EVER champion, “toaster“, lost a closely fought match to the newest lightweight BEST CAR EVER champion “orange mini monster“!  In accepting this award, “orange mini monster” would like to thank all of the families for their valuable guidance and input that eventually led to this difficult decision.  Management is now thrilled to present the newest champion!

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