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Twins and Turtles

mikey emmyTonight I meant to post about the amazing, delicious, sumptuous smoked ham that Greg made yesterday.  But I haven’t uploaded those pics yet, so instead you are getting a very neighborly and adorable post.  As it turns out, Lucy is not the only one who finds turtles fascinating.  It just so happened a little turtle came over yesterday followed by two twin two year olds.  Emmy and Mikey followed the turtle all around our front yard…


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One year already!

Happy Anniversary!  While we both find it pretty hard to believe it has already been a year — a very good year — we were more than happy to spend a full weekend celebrating.  Friday night was the more “casual” celebration.  Greg grilled dinner outside, we made Oreo milkshakes, and we watched Bottle Shock — a movie about the 1976 Paris tasting that I had really wanted to see.  And it was terrific.  (Editor’s note: in the spirit of full disclosure, there are no car chases, shootouts, or otherwise violent scenes in this movie in case you are considering renting it.)

Saturday morning started with a trip to Quiet Waters dog park so the puppies could run, chase, bark, swim, play, sniff, and fetch until they were too tired to move. And it definitely worked!  Afterwards, Greg made lunch, and then the whole family — all four of us — NAPPED.  It may be the first time this has ever happened.  But if not on an anniversary weekend, then when?

We were then fully refreshed for the real celebration to begin: champagne, presents, dinner, dessert!

A bottle of Veuve and an enticing bag from G:

IMG_0334 [Desktop Resolution]

Champagne outside on the deck before dinner:

IMG_0335 [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_0337 [Desktop Resolution]

Off to the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa to celebrate one year ago today (well, tomorrow, but this all sounded like a better idea for a Saturday night than for a Sunday night).  We ran into Mary.  Delightful as ever, she asked why we were not spending the night at the Resort — they gave us a discount after all.  Because we live a block away?

IMG_0338 [Desktop Resolution]

Dinner was delicious.  I had the spinach salad (a la the wedding) and the Norfolk Sampler (shrimp, scallops, and crab meat in a healthy butter sauce).  Greg had the cream of crab soup and the surf and turf (with a lobster tail substituted for the crab cake we served at the wedding).

IMG_0339 [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_0341 [Desktop Resolution]

Remember the trolley pictures?  The night wouldn’t have been complete without new trolley pictures!

IMG_0343 [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_0345 [Desktop Resolution]

And oh the cake!  I know some people save their cake top for a year to enjoy on their first anniversary.  But why save a cake for a year when you can eat it immediately after the honeymoon?  Oh, and when you live about two blocks down from the cakemaker?  Needless to say, we ate our cake about a year ago.  So I ordered a new delicious cake topper for our anniversary — with fresh-sliced strawberry inside and white chocolate shells on the outside.  And it was delicious.

IMG_0346 [Desktop Resolution]

Wait, you’re thinking.  You left out one detail.  What about the presents?  Well you already know about the fabulous smoker I got Greg (into which a delicious ham is about to enter for the next 6 hours).  But Greg went above and beyond and got me a beautiful complement to my wedding bracelet.  White gold sand dollar earrings with diamonds in the center.  Check them out in the dinner picture above.  A picture that actually does them justice will follow shortly.

Happy Anniversary Love!

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Our chubbiest dog turns 5 today!  Hard to believe we have had Lucy for nearly 4 years (in just a few weeks).  Some of our ‘favorite’ Lucy moments include her first trip to NY, the time she disappeared from the house — only to be found on the golf course schmoozing with golfers, finding my earring and bringing it to me, and anytime she turns her water radar on and zooms to the nearest body of water (be it a puddle, lake, river, bay, or hose).  Because one can’t possibly recall all of Lucy’s ridiculousness, please enjoy a brief photo history…

Lucy’s FIRST picture at home with us in July 2005:

first Lucy

Lucy smiling for the camera (December 2005):

lucy smiling

Lucy devising a strategy to eliminate Linus the day we adopted him (Sept 17, 2006):

lucy linus first day

Lucy fighting for a stick in the Bay (summer 2007):

lucy stick

Lucy being Lucy in the mud (spring 2009):

Lucy mud

Happy Birthday Lucy / Lucifer / Goose / Goosey / Goober / Bogey!!!

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First of all…


I had a great time in NJ over the weekend seeing Mom, Grandma, and Kristin.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures from the weekend, but I am glad I got to celebrate in the Rainy State Garden State.  Safe travels home tomorrow Mom!

In other celebratory news, Greg got an early anniversary present last Friday due to some unforeseen shipping circumstances with Amazon.com.  Early arrival, a Weber-tattooed box, and my own inability to lift the box in or out of the car all contributed to my spoiled surprise.  You lift it, you get it was the motto on Friday; and thus, Greg got his anniversary present a week and two days early.  Doesn’t he look good with his new Weber bullet?  (charcoal chimney not pictured)

IMG_0323 [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_0324 [Desktop Resolution]

And because birthdays, anniversaries, and presents don’t just extend to our two-legged friends, Linus also received something special this weekend — a GIANT loofah toy.  Imagine Linus’ favorite toy in GIANT FORM.  We couldn’t resist.  And he couldn’t be happier. 

IMG_0330 [Desktop Resolution]

Wait a minute, you are thinking.  Grandma’s birthday… G and E’s one year anniversary… presents for Linus… what about Lucy?!?  Don’t worry about Lucy.  On Tuesday (read: tomorrow), Lucy has a very special day.  Lucy turns FIVE!!  And so we will wait until tomorrow to celebrate another year in the life of our squishiest doggy.  And of course post adorable photos of her online.

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hubby cook-night

Because my last post was lacking photo evidence of the wonderfulness…

IMG_0318 [Desktop Resolution]

Wait, something — or someone — is missing from this post…










IMG_0319 [Desktop Resolution]

There she is.  Keep your eye on the prize Lucy.

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I didn’t have time to post pictures last night, but just wanted to comment that life is glorious.  Both dogs got runs last night in beautiful early summer weather — full of fireflies lighting up the neighborhood — and Greg cooked me dinner outside for the second night in a row.  I am feeling pretty lucky as we count down to our anniversary!

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IMG_0310 [Desktop Resolution]

Lucy says, Today is a good day.

A great way to start the day with lunch at CBR with Wayne and Michael.

IMG_0282 [Desktop Resolution]

Then the dog park in Prince Frederick, and even Linus had to admit the pool felt pretty good.

IMG_0293 [Desktop Resolution]

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