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air-tran plane

But POSTING on a jet plane!  GoGo wifi in the air!  I am en route and online and just couldn’t resist the opportunity to say hello.  One hour down, four hours and twenty minutes to go.  Now where is beverage service?


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There is so much to post — and so many pictures to show you!  Just to recap the weekend (which was fabulous), it included mulching the new fabulous bed of boxwoods by the driveway; planting all of the tomatoes, yes ALL of the tomatoes; throwing 8 pepper plants in the ground while we were at it; finishing the shed; mowing the front and back yard (okay, so that was Greg and not “us”); planting two rose bushes, one geranium, two gladiolas, and a handful of other bulbs; the Calvert Wine and Arts fest (eh, not so impressive); Annapolis for fancy new collars and leashes for the dogs (about time, they say!); a Marc Cohn concert; delicious frozen yogurt from some new “trendy” place that only offers three flavors — pomegranate, vanilla, and green tea (seriously?); soccer game; and movie night!

So as you can see — it was a WONDERFUL weekend full of WONDERFUL picture opportunities. 

But alas, Greg is already in bed (as of about 7pm) because he is going into work at 3am.  And I am going to bed now because I have spent the last three hours editing documents for a consulting gig that maybe I should not have taken?

So even though we really want to show you pictures, we are both way too sleepy from way too much work to upload the pictures tonight.

But I promise good things before I leave for Cali. 

IMG_0086 [Desktop Resolution]

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IGD National Summit

colin powell

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of attending the National Summit on International Global Development.  The summit discussed topics such as new opportunities to develop initiatives for enterprise growth, particularly in frontier markets; opening the global trading system; investing in Africa’s future through partnerships and innovative business models; and fostering strategic engagement between the government and the private sector.

There were some international business rock stars attending, and I got to shake hands and speak with several of them.  I even had a moment with the global CEO of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt, and Colin Powell (who needs no introduction).  What was especially amazing was that Colin Powell approached me to chat because I was apparently speaking with someone important with whom Secretary Powell wanted to speak because I am

that. cool.

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Three Years Already

I missed this post last week (where does time go?) and apologize in advance for not getting this

right. on.

the three year anniversary.

But what is important is that I remembered to post this today.  And I remembered because I got a notice reminding me that I need to provide proof of septic inspection every three years because of the sheer momentous-ness of the occasion.

(Where the heck did I put that invoice for last year’s septic inspection???)

So a very happy (slightly belated) three year anniversary of the Pines Lake Chalet.  And although the summer rental season sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out, and although we don’t get up there as often as we would like –though we get up there more than plenty as far as Linus is concerned– it is still our wonderful lakeview retreat.

And I adore it.

(Please excuse the thumbnail size of the photos — they are the only ones on my work computer.)

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The rain never came today, so we had the entire day to play in the dirt!  We finished the seemingly-insurmountable challenge of the boxwoods (with the help of Laura and Donnie’s hand-tiller), and they look fantastic!  Already adding an element of elegance to our driveway.  No weekend is complete without a trip to Costco, but this one had a very specific purpose:

a large,

It hasn’t been put together yet (or taken out of the truck), but I am sure it will be SUPER easy.

And for an extra touch of prettiness, we picked up some cedar lattice ladders and climbing hydrangea.  Greg would prefer I referred to the lattice ladders as trellises (trelli?), but he simply doesn’t appreciate the literary value of alliteration. 

Oh, and we totally would have put money on Dunkirk in the Derby.  Didn’t see that one coming.

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