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I just happened to have two totally rockin’ Barnes and Noble gifts cards (thanks Mom & Dad Jones and Mom & Dad Kundolf!), and thought to myself

You know what I need?

I need a stern judge and an encouraging friend.

And it turns out, the perfect combination of sternness and encouragement comes in a book by John Gardner.  So I bought two.  Because two good friends are better than one good friend.  Yay.  I would stay up all night reading if I didn’t have to get up so early for work…


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But just in case you ever doubted our indoor soccer awesomeness:

We are the champions!

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File this under “things I have learned about myself since becoming an adult”:

As it turns out, I really like flowers, shrubs, trees, flowering trees, and flowering shrubs.  Apparently, I am less in love with grass.

Greg is gone today.  Working until the middle of the night (morning?) and doing the same tomorrow.  So, I had an entire day to myself.  I considered several options (sleep all day, watch chick flicks, drink copious amounts of wine), but instead I decided to honor the above revelation and spend a day ripping out grass and replacing it with things I love just a little bit more.

Today, those things are boxwoods.

So I spent the day (an embarrassingly large number of hours) ripping up two and a half feet worth of grass along the entire length of our driveway.  Eventually, it will be a deliciously beautiful bed of boxwoods (perhaps with some flowers thrown in as well), lining our driveway, and creating a perfect entrance to our home.  Today, it is mostly a long strip of dirt, evidence of the grass that once was still visible, and a row of boxwoods — not yet planted — placed in their soon-to-be-forever holes.

Admittedly, I am missing a few key elements to the completion of this project: a truckload of fill dirt, arm muscles that think digging in the dirt is something that should be done all day every day, and perhaps a professional gardener.

Tomorrow is the championship soccer game, so I am not sure how much will get done before the weekend is over.  And tonight, there is no more work to be done.  Instead, the puppies and I will go to the pet store because they have been so well behaved today.  (Actually, Lucy shredded Linus’ favorite toy and managed to lose all of her ID tags — probably in PA.)  Enjoy some pictures of the project and other odds and ends growing around our home!

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Even a so-so day becomes w o n d e r f u l when you discover cotton candy growing on trees!

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Down on the farm

After working in the sun all day yesterday, today was much more relaxing.  We went to White Hall to see Uncle Michael, Wayne, and Grandma, and got to enjoy a huge Italian feast: homemade ravioli;  sausage; peppers, olives, and all kinds of deliciousness stuffed with cheese and prosciutto; chianti; and Italian cookies.  Needless to say, we are skipping dinner tonight.  On the way up to the farm, we stopped at the Costco garden center at Arundel Mills to pick up plants, filling the car (literally) with boxwoods, hanging baskets, and geraniums.  It is starting to rain, so a quiet Sunday night inside with the puppies…

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Thursday night after work was puppy play day in the backyard.  It is a rare occasion when we get home from work with a full hour of sunshine left in the day, so we took the opportunity to spoil the dogs with donut toss, frisbee catch, and Lucy’s favorite game — try to eat the lawnmower.  The benefits of this playdate were threefold: the lawn got mowed; the dogs were exhausted; and we discovered Linus — our poor, uncoordinated doggy — can catch a frisbee in the air!  Who knew?  We ended the day with delicious red wine, and a dinner of all things wonderfully spring — asparagus, shrimp, vine tomatoes, fresh basil, and spinach.  I posted a few pictures — isn’t our family cute?  (Linus and Lucy are BOTH snoring right now.)

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We had an amazing few days in the Poconos over Easter weekend.  We arrived Thursday around lunchtime to a bright, sunny, and warm (relatively speaking) afternoon, so we took the canoe out for a ride around the lake.  We stayed in that evening and had dinner at home by the fire.  Friday morning, we took the dogs for a jog, and then we headed to Jim Thorpe so Greg could see the small, historical town and its quaint shops.  Friday evening Kristin arrived, much to Lucy’s (and our) delight.  We went out to dinner Friday night to Powerhouse, an old power plant that has been converted into a delicious restaurant off of Rt 80.  Saturday was a quiet day of video games, reading books, and arts and crafts.  (Because what weekend in the mountains isn’t complete without some country signs for decor?)  Sunday morning, we all headed home — KJ to New York, and the four of us back to Maryland.  We stopped at Michael and Wayne’s for an Easter hug, then headed the rest of the way home (much to Linus’ relief).  I had the semifinal game of our indoor soccer league (which we won in a shoot-out!), and Greg enjoyed Easter dinner at Laura and Donnie’s.  I made it over just in time to see Tiger and Phil take themselves out of the Masters competition.  Now we are back home, and we are hoping for some sunshine and an end to this winter weather!

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